New exhibition at Inala Art Gallery for October

This month, Inala Art Gallery will host an exhibition called ‘Bits & Pieces’ of the work of Shirley Johnston-Learner, a teacher at the gallery.

Although only realising her dream of earning an art degree later in life after her children were grown, Shirley has always had a keen interest in all forms of art.

“There are so many different types of art in the world,” said Shirley. “From what many would consider traditional paintings through to the various unique art styles found within different cultures and races and I find myself always wanting to experiment and try new things.

“I do not consider my art works exceptional or myself talented but it is something I love doing for my own joy and happiness. We all need to express ourselves and art is my way of express what
is inside me.

“My exhibition title–—Bits & Pieces—reflects many of the different experiments I have done in everything from large installation art to miniature scenes; from impressionistic paintings on canvases and rocks; to basic print making without a press, to mixed media on ceramic tiles and other materials.

“I strongly believe that creating art is a way of building confidence and expanding one’s mind. Looking at the world around us for ideas that we can reflect in our art, helps us to learn and accept the diverse people and different things we see.

“This is why I now try to pass on some of the artistic knowledge I have gained through my degree and self-practising to the many children and adults who attend the gallery’s art classes. I believe that knowledge, whether it is on art or other topics, is always meant to be shared.”

Shirley will be at the gallery every day of the exhibition which will be on display from 3rd to 28th October. There will be a work table at the gallery where Shirley will be creating future art pieces in between teaching classes.

The Inala Art Gallery is open from 10am-3pm Tuesday to Saturday and is located at 37 Corsair Avenue, Inala (behind the library). Entry is free and everyone is welcome to come and visit and have a chat. For any additional information, the president of the Gallery, Anne McPhee can be contacted on 0422 843 390 or by calling the gallery on 3372 8208.