Forest Lake Men’s Shed update

by Steve Bruford, President

Well here we are just three months to Christmas and the end of a year most of us would like to forget; hopefully 2021 will be much better and we will get this COVID-19 behind us.

With only three months to go till Christmas, we have put the call out on Facebook to get your orders in for any of our games, Connect 4, Giant Jenga’s or Naught’s and Crosses, as we will need time to make them.

We are also doing the Forest Lake Calendars again, which will be made up of all photos from Forest Lake, this year I am getting 150 printed, so there will be plenty to go around. Keep an eye out for them as they are great gifts to send overseas or interstate. They will be $15 each and all funds will be donated to charities and the Men’s Shed.

The Shed is going well. We are making things for people and in our social shed we have Art on a Monday; we have some very accomplished artists. Some members play cards on a Tuesday, Wednesdays we have a military modelling group started by one of our members, Thursdays we are going to have guest speakers once a month to help our members in different ways and Fridays at this stage are free.

We hope all the community is keeping safe and well and out of trouble as we are. If any men in our community would like to know more about our shed, drop by one morning between 8am and noon and we will show you around. We are located at 25 High St in the Salvos carpark or call me, Steve Bruford, on 0421 520 804 or send an email to

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