Pay less to desex until the end of August

Puppies and kittens are super cute but did you know that many unwanted litters and pregnant mums end up at the RSPCA? It’s all because of unplanned pregnancies that could have been prevented. If you’ve been considering getting your pet desexed, now is the time!

Two mixed breed black and white puppies standing next to each other on grass and cement.

Until August 31, participating vets in Queensland are offering 20% off cat and dog desexing—part of RSPCA’s Operation Wanted desexing campaign. Greencross Vets, Civic Centre Veterinary Surgery, Centenary Vets, Greater Springfield Veterinary Hospital, and MyVet Springfield Lakes are just some of the nearby clinics participating and located nearby.

Earlier this year, five pups were found dumped on the driveway of a vet. Sadly one puppy did not survive. The remaining four puppies were on death’s door and rushed to the RSPCA.

RSPCA Vet Nurse Rohan said, “They were in terrible condition, close to death. One puppy was collapsed with agonal breathing. They were emaciated, dehydrated and had thick, bloody diarrhoea all over their coats. The most alarming symptom was the colour of their gums. Gums should be a nice healthy pink colour, but these pups’ gums were a stark white, the colour of a sheet of paper.”

All of the puppies had to have an emergency blood transfusion if they were to have a chance of survival.

Despite the veterinary team’s incredible efforts, sadly two puppies didn’t pull through. Just two puppies remained, with a long road to recovery ahead. Luckily, their condition slowly improved.

Now named Patch and Elsa (pictured), these adorable puppies eventually went on to be adopted and find new families.

You can help ensure that all pets have loving homes. Desexing prevents unexpected litters, costs and stress. To find your nearest vet and register to get 20% off desexing, visit