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Celebrate the Year Of The Dragon 2024 with the Vietnamese Community

The Lake News    January 16, 2024    2 min read   

The Vietnamese Community in Australia – Queensland Chapter (VCA-QLD) is inviting the community to take part in their annual Vietnamese Tet (also known as Tet Nguyen Dan or simply Tet) celebrations on February 2 – February 3 at the CJ Greenfield Sports Complex in Richlands.

Thousands of guests will take part in the two-day celebration of the arrival of The Year Of The Dragon by watching the lion dancing and traditional stage performances, enjoying delicious Vietnamese food and drinks, and taking part in the games and rides

The night will end with a much-anticipated fireworks display.

The festival marks the start of 2024 as the lunar Year of The Dragon; The Vietnamese zodiac sign of the Dragon is the fifth zodiac animal in the cycle with characteristics that include being charismatic, intelligent, confident, powerful, and naturally lucky – particularly auspicious characteristics!

Some of the ways members of the Vietnamese community and broader community will be celebrating Tet include decorating their homes and stalls with kumquat trees and flowers, such as peach blossoms, chrysanthemums, orchids and red gladiolas.

Families will also get together to enjoy banh chung (rice cakes made with mung beans and pork,) and traditional sweets such as mut tet. Visitors to the festival can also purchase these traditional dishes from the stalls.

Many customs are practised by families during Tet, including visiting the homes of friends and family, offering Tet wishes, celebrating love and hope along with friendship and family unity, eating traditional food, and wishing each other good health and longevity to all.

VCA-QLD president Dr Cuong Bui said he and the organisation’s volunteers and supporters looked forward to welcoming members of the Forest Lake and wider area communities, regardless of their culture, to the Tet celebrations and sharing the event with them.

For more information, please call 3375 6036.

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