Sponsor Your Journalist

The Lake News invites community minded individuals and organisations to support free and independent journalism in Forest Lake and surrounding suburbs by sponsoring your dedicated Forest Lake journalist - Jamie Furness.

Your Lake News sponsorship would be giving back to the community in the following ways:

  • Support Independent News - The Lake News is currently the only news publication providing a dedicated journalist to Forest Lake and surrounds. Sponsoring a dedicated journalist for a community is an investment in our community’s access to independent news and information.

  • Shape the Identity of Your Community - The Lake News has an emphasis on celebrating and reporting on the good we want to see more of in our community rather than headline grabbing and click-baiting with fear and problems. Your sponsorship investment will help shape the identity and atmosphere that our community lives in for the coming decades.

  • Give Community Groups a Voice - Our dedicated Forest Lake journalist has built solid relationships with a broad range of community groups and organisations that are doing grassroots work on the ground and in the neighbourhoods of our community. Supporting a dedicated journalist in a community is giving community organisations and grassroots charities a voice and an opportunity to have their good work spotlighted in their community.

  • Support Community Events - Many community events have a limited budget for marketing and rely on the goodwill of their community newspaper to get the word out through stories and free advertising. Your sponsorship will help publicise community building events and activities.

  • Create History - Journalism is writing tomorrow’s history today. Sponsoring your dedicated Forest Lake journalist enables us to record the history of Forest Lake as it happens for generations to come. Local history is one of the most popular types of journalism we produce.

Sponsors will be acknowledged on the Sponsorship page of our website and publications.

Meet Forest Lake’s dedicated journalist - Jamie Furness.

Jamie Furness Profile Picture

Jamie currently celebrates the Forest Lake community through writing and managing the content for The Lake News.

Jamie is a thorough journalist, full of good ideas and passion to celebrate her local community’s achievements and passions.

She easily makes connections with people, and always goes the extra mile to write the stories that matter with craft and care.

Jamie is completing a bachelor of Journalism at QUT and lives with her husband Daniel, newborn Malakai and their pet budgies.

“I love discovering and celebrating the wonderful stories coming from our Forest Lake families, individuals, organisations, schools and businesses." she said.

"There is a very strong sense of connection in Forest Lake, and having danced and worked at Allstars here since 2010, I’ve been lucky to have been a part of the community here long before becoming a journalist for The Lake News.”