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7 Unique Valentines Day Activities

Jamie Furness    February 1, 2023    3 min read   

By Jamie Furness

The Lake News reporter Jamie Furness (right) and her husband Daniel (left)
  1.  Picnic and a stroll around the lake

Pack a picnic basket with some lunch, something sweet, something savoury, and a drink. Bring a blanket and a bag for your rubbish and head to a grassy spot to enjoy the view before heading off for a walk around the lake.

2. Trip down memory lane 

For those who have been together for a few years, print out some old photographs you took together and plan a day trip out to visit each location the photos were taken at. I recommend choosing between 5-7 locations. Spend your day re-creating the images, making them all as close to the originals as possible!

A polaroid camera makes this adventure even more fun, but a phone camera will do just fine. (If neither of you own a polaroid, they make great valentines gifts!) 

Below are some of the after photos my husband and I took when he planned this activity for my birthday last year:

3. Blanket fort and a movie

Is there a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than curling up under a blanket fort?

  • Surround the area with chairs. Face them outwards to make the frame.
  • If you have fairy lights, drape them across the frame to create a magical atmosphere.
  • Place some large bed sheets over the frame and lights.
  • Use pegs, rubber bands or something heavy to secure the blankets.
  • Fill the fort with pillows, cushions, and blankets for comfort. Pajamas are a must!
  • Prepare plenty of popcorn, snacks and chocolate.
  • Stream a movie of your choice.

Bonus tip – For those who are single, invite your friends over instead to join in the movie fort fun!

The Lake News journalist Megan with her partner Jacob.

4. Create a shared bucket list

  • Write down your hopes and goals for the future. Then pick your top 3 and start planning!

5. At-home spa retreat

  • Steam some face towels.
  • Wash and exfoliate your faces.
  • Apply each other’s facemasks.
  • Apply cucumbers to the eyes and relax.
  • Foot soaks, body butter and back massages are always welcome.

6. Get creative

  • Have your partner pose for a portrait. Set a timer and draw, paint or create a sculpture of them using clay.
  • Swap once your time is up. 
  • No skills necessary – the most important thing is having fun and creating memories together.

7. Make a pizza together

Find an online recipe and create your perfect pizza. Alternatively, gather up your favourite sweets to make the ultimate dessert pizza.

Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash 

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