Forest Lake Area Garden Group

by John Prout

The cool nights and lovely clear days of July make it a pleasure to spend time in the fresh air and in our gardens even with the occasional winter westerly wind. However on a brighter note, the days will start to get longer. Not that we have not had plenty of time during the past months.

Some of the garden is now dormant or slow growing with the coolness, however Camellias, Japonicas and the Snow Flakes are in full bloom to name a few. I must admit when driving around there are many homes with at least one Snow Flake showing a beautiful blanket of white flowers.

Indoor plants can rapidly become dry in heated rooms. Do the ‘finger’ test to check if your pot plants, both indoors and outdoors, require watering. If the soil is moist—don’t water. When watering is necessary, it is best to water in the morning so as the plants can absorb the moisture before the sun sets.

One job we must not forget to do this month is to check our lawn for bindii. This painful weed, especially when you stand on it bare-footed, is currently in the early stages of growth. Spray with a bindii organic spray to eliminate them from your lawn. Also it is now a good time to dig in some manure or compost into your garden so as the soil will have time to get itself in good condition before the summer planting.

A couple of helpful hints: Did you know that growing lemon grass will repel ants and cats? Also Chives grown at the base of fruit trees will help to deter climbing insects and if grown amongst roses, chives will help to deter aphids, borers and spider mites.

Although some of the restrictions are being relaxed or lifted, we still don’t know when we can hold our next meeting. We are monitoring the situation and will advise when we know the details of the outcome. Check our website and facebook page for the latest information.

Meetings Tuesdays, at Uniting Church Community Life Centre, 528 Waterford Rd, Ellen Grove. Recommencement of meetings to be advised. For more information call John Prout 0419 634 699
or Jill Lowe 0403 002 143.

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