Forest Lake Area Garden Group

by John Prout

What a year 2020 has been. We have had to endure various restrictions due to the virus ,however from a gardening perspective, we have had extra time to spend in our gardens. Here’s hoping the border restrictions will be eased so many families can spend Christmas together.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go” are the opening words to one of the more popular Christmas songs and it is true at the moment. Wherever we look there are Christmas lights, Christmas parties, decorations in the department stores, advertising on television and in the press who are all telling us where to buy our Christmas gifts. Not forgetting, our letter boxes are filled with so many different Christmas catalogues that seem to increase each year.

When making up your list of gifts don’t forget to include a gift that keeps on giving. I’m talking about a productive pot plant. There are potted plants to suit every pocket both in flowers, vegetables, chillies, cherry tomatoes and even several herbs.

A tip if you are going away on holidays, is to top up the mulch as this is important in maintaining moisture longer for all plants as they grow throughout the hot summer days.

Water deeply as this will encourage the roots to go further into the soil to find the moisture. Water in the cool of the morning or evening but avoid watering disease-susceptible plants at night. One helpful hint is to raise the mover height during the warmer weather as longer grass means cooler soil at the root level. Also the slightly longer grass will reduce the risk of weeds growing through the lawn.

This month’s meeting will be our Christmas break-up comprising of a spit-roast luncheon (COVID approved) along with musical entertainment and a photo booth. As we have to advise the caterers of the number attending, the meeting will be by ‘ticket admission’ only. If you require your ticket, contact Margaret Taylor, mobile 0407 134 412, as soon as possible.

Enjoy the festive season with the family as the best Christmas present is a family wrapped up with each other.

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Meetings Tuesdays, at Uniting Church Community Life Centre, 528 Waterford Rd, Ellen Grove. Recommencement of meetings to be advised. For more information call John Prout 0419 634 699
or Jill Lowe 0403 002 143.

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