Family Focus

by Pastor Mark Mackay

Earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic, in May, our Church held an online forum about maintaining good mental health through the COVID-19 season. It was around then that it was really starting to dawn on me that the pandemic was not going to be short. I don’t think I had really grasped just how long we would be in this season.

In more recent times, I have reflected on one particular aspect of the advice given that night by Richard Fay, the counsellor who spoke. He said that, as the pandemic continues, it would be important that we continue to focus on:

Beauty: Intentionally looking around to see and appreciate the beauty all around us. And we are particularly blessed in Forest Lake by the trees and wildlife in our community. I love walking around the Lake, whether it is crystal clear or even when it was covered in green weeds.

Belonging: Look to the connections we have and create opportunities to connect even in little ways.

Behaviour: Continue to maintain regular rhythms and routines as much as possible. Those rhythms include exercise and, for many like me, times of quiet in prayer.

One of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the loss of rhythms and practices that keep us in good social, physical and mental health. For our family, that was especially the case when schools were in lock-down. Our normal family rhythms were turned on their head.

But God has built rhythms into every area of creation—from the rising and setting of the sun, the seasons changing, the need for rest and activity. So, for us also, we need rhythms.

So, as we press on in this strange and unique season, let me encourage you to establish healthy rhythms as a family. How? Like most things in life, sit and talk as a family. Ask the question, “What can we be doing to do better?”

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Photo by Lucas Wesney on Unsplash