Forest Lake Girl Guides

by Lisa Charman

My goodness, here we are already in July! Our Guides have done a wonderful job this last month participating in Girl Guides via Zoom every Saturday. How lucky we are to live in a world where we are still able to connect with those important to us and participate in our loved activities. It goes to show our ability to adapt and learn can really make things happen.

We have learned how to hold meetings which engage the girls, keep them entertained and focussed. We have had a lot of fun playing charades, Kahoot trivia, bingo, and sharing what we have baked, cooked, crafted, drawn and planned.

Our Guides participated in World Ocean Day activities in June by learning how to care for our seaways and made posters to encourage people to not litter. They also made some fantastic sea creatures out of recycled materials, learned how salinity affects our water and how recycling can help keep our environment clean.

The girls also learned about healthy food choices and prepared different snacks and meals to demonstrate healthy cooking. Who knew celery, peanut butter and grapes could not only look good (with googly eyes) and taste great—as well as being healthy! Our older girls made veggie pikelets which tasted delicious. Our younger Guides learned how to sew and made their own teddy bears.

We also had another two girls make their Promise as Girl Guides over Zoom. We are very proud to say that all girls who have been participating in Guiding by Zoom have successfully completed their Water badge, Food badge and Scissors badge. We will have plenty of badges to hand out and sing Bravo to when we get back together. As a special reward for sticking in there during tough times, the girls will be given specially made Virtual Guiding badges to commemorate this unprecedented time in our Guiding lives.

Planning is underway for getting back to face to face meetings for the start of Term 3, with fingers and toes crossed. Bye for now!

If you’d like to make an enquiry about the Forest Lake Girl Guides, call 0412 767 708 or send an email to Lisa.

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