Forest Lake Girl Guides

by Lisa Charman

Term 3 has well and truly begun for Guides. We are using a mixture of in-person and Zoom meetings to get back into Guiding.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported our fundraising this past month by buying our homemade dog biscuit treats! The girls had a great time making the nutritious, chemical and preservative free treats. All money raised will be going to the RSPCA to support the ongoing care of animals. Abby and Edith were so keen and did so well selling their first batch that they decided to make some more! Super proud of how well they did and how keen they were.

Speaking of biscuits you may have noticed that we have not been about this year selling our traditional biscuits. Unfortunately, due to various issues out of our control we won’t be selling in person either. You are welcome to purchase individually-wrapped large cookies through the Girl Guides Australia website and input Forest Lake as the district you wish to support.

Although the weather has sometimes been an issue for us meeting outdoors, we have still been able to learn first aid and make our own personal first aid kits to keep with us and take on camp and outings.

We’ve also had great fun decorating calico bags which we call “plate bags”, for camp. Plate bags hold our personal plates, bowls, cup and cutlery as well as a tea towel. We also made our own ‘sit-upons’ out of recycled materials. You guessed it—a sit-upon is something to sit upon. This time around we used old plastic table cloths and strong fabric tape to seal the edges so our sit-upons are waterproof.

We are hoping to get outdoors a bit more before the school holidays and hope to have a camp in Term 4. It’s not only the Girls, but also their Leaders who are eager to get outdoors and have a great time! Hope to see some new faces join us. Will you be one of them?

So, whilst Guiding may look a little different, we are back! Anyone wanting to give Guiding a go are encouraged to send an email to We’d love to see some more girls come along and enjoy life with us.

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