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A Tribute to Captain Frank St. Michael Gifford Fidoe: An Enduring Legacy of Valour and Generosity

The Lake News    December 25, 2023    3 min read   

Forest Lake’s Scheurer family recently bid farewell to a remarkable soul, Captain Frank St. Michael Gifford Fidoe, a long-term resident of Forest Lake who departed from us at the Wesley Mission Aged Care Facility on November 28, 2023 (aged 95).

Frank was born in Ilford, England on November 18, 1928. His journey began in the ranks of the British Royal Air Force, where he served as a navigator, with dedication. Transitioning to the Australian Military Force, he continued his ascent through the ranks as a Commissioned Officer in the Australian Defence Force, holding the venerated rank of Captain in the Australian Army.

Beyond his impressive military career, Frank was a man of unique character and generosity. His life resonated with discretion, exemplifying the virtues of commitment and illuminating the paths of the families he touched. Despite the personal toll of his experiences in Korea and Malaya, he shared captivating stories, showcasing his resilience amidst the challenges of PTSD. Frank’s preference for solitude didn’t diminish his impact; instead, it underscored his quiet strength and unwavering resolve.

Frank was a long-term resident of Forest Lake who was well-known for his politeness and pleasantries, particularly in the friendships he formed with staff at the Forest Lake Shopping Centre.

His dedication to perfection extended far beyond the battlefield. Even in retirement, Frank maintained military-grade precision, evident in every task, reflecting his attention to detail and commitment to excellence. He was part of the Forest Lake community for some 15 years, sharing tributes with the locals and was a regular customer of the various services at the Forest Lake shopping complex.

As a loving father to Carmen and the cherished go-to grandad for Anita, Ross, Bianca, Simon, and their partners, Frank’s influence traversed generations. His warmth reached across continents, earning him endearing titles like “Uncle Michael” in Singapore.

Those fortunate enough to share a meal with Frank experienced not just culinary delights, but a glimpse into his multifaceted personality. From his favourite Singaporean corn beef sambal to the meticulous opening and appreciation of his selected wines. He often commented on the wine’s characteristics as he gestured with his glass, whilst his commentary on the character of the wine could give a sommelier a run for their money. All-in-all I might add, his personality was a unique and metaphorical reflection of Frank’s multifaceted, and complex personality, a soothing balm for his troubled soul. 

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross once beautifully advocated for compassionate end-of-life care, recognizing death as a transformative passage. Frank’s passing marks not an end but a peaceful surrender to the perpetual rhythm of life.

As the family mourns the absence of this remarkable man, they hold dear the cherished memories he leaves behind. On behalf of Carmen, the grandchildren, the family, and myself, I extend heartfelt gratitude to Frank. 

Rest your soul, my friend, for your battle is over.

Frank’s legacy of valour, generosity, and unwavering dedication to service will endure in the hearts and minds of all who had the privilege of knowing him.

Thank you, Captain Frank St. Michael Gifford FIDOE. Rest in peace.

A funeral service celebrating Frank’s life was held at the Centenary Memorial Gardens on Friday December 6. As part of a Poppy Service, RSL representative George Lefevre delivered a eulogy, detailing the veteran’s service; recital of The Ode; sound The Last Post and Rouse.

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