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The Lake News    May 12, 2020    3 min read   

This website is a new companion to the print version of The Lake News. We (if you don’t know who ‘we’ are, skip ahead and read ‘A brief history’) have wanted to have this sort of website for The Lake News for a long time, and in the midst of a pandemic seemed the perfect time to do it!

The aim of this website is to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for anything you might need, especially during this uncertain time of the Corona Virus. We have links to all the relevant government assistance, information and helplines. We also have links to much of the help that’s out there such as lifeline, beyond blue etc as well as links and phone numbers for home delivery services, mobile services that will come to your home and plenty of other helpful stuff! There’s even some great content about working towards a more sustainable life as well as creative ideas and colouring-in pages!

We also recognised that many businesses are doing it tough and wanted to help, after all, we have always been about community and we’re not about to stop now! You will find a directory of local businesses (who are included for free) operating in the area – make a pact with yourself to try a local business first. Forest Lake residents have always been amazing at supporting one another, so let’s keep that going. We need each other now more than ever!

We are always open to feedback, so please feel free to email us or call on 07 3201 1880.

A brief history

Local News Publications began in 1993 with the inception of The Lake News. Started in Forest Lake, Brisbane, Australia, by Chris and Betty Wren in response to a need in the community for a ‘newsletter’, The Lake News has gone from strength to strength and is now very much a part of the Forest Lake community as a whole.

Following on from the success of The Lake News, The Greater Springfield Times was created in 1997 in the early days of the Springfield area’s development and enjoys the support of local businesses and the community.

With both publications filling a niche in their areas for community groups and clubs to promote themselves free of charge and for local businesses to target new and existing customers, Local News Publications enjoys, not only assisting the community on all levels, but being an integral part of each community it serves.

Owners, Graham and Susannah Friis (daughter of Chris and Betty Wren), having been employed by Local News Publications from the beginning, bought the business in July 2006 and are determined to take Local News Publications well into the future, using the firm foundation of the past as a springboard.

The Lake News

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