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Community Hero Spotlight – Adaline Moy, Driving Miss Daisy

Jamie Furness    May 6, 2023    4 min read   
By Nayda Hernandez

Hi, my name is Nayda Hernandez, and I will be interviewing and writing an article each month about the everyday champions that we find in our local community.  
My goal is to shine a light on those quiet achievers who do great works for others, those local heroes that go about their day giving up their time and skills to better the lives of those around us.  I want the community to be inspired by these champions and invite you to reach out if you can help or know someone who needs a helping hand.  
My passion is to bring our community and its residents together. I encourage you to contact me if you know a local champion that I can shine a light on that lives in the catchment of the Springfield News, Lake News or Logan West News areas on 0424 404 303.

Community Hero Adaline “Addie” Moy and her family have lived in Forest Lake for more than 16 years. Addie loves everything about her local community, but she especially loves  the people she transports in her Miss Daisy car. Enthusiastic about women’s health issues, she loves helping others work through dark times by being an active listener. Addie loves to relax by doing art and practising holistic therapy, walking her dogs around the lake, and finding ways to help those she meets on the way.  She loves the arts and understands that music is a wonderful tool that can be used to help us remember and heal. In this article Addie answers a series of questions about her job and community involvement.

What is the Driving Miss Daisy Forest Lake service? “The Driving Miss Daisy Forest Lake service is a pre-booked, paid service. It is NDIS approved and can transport … cancer patients, the elderly or infirm, people with disabilities and of course those who simply need to get from A to B. We have government-funded clients as well as those who are self-funded. In my own time I find myself seeking ways to make life easier for people who need a helping hand. I take the time to have lunch or a coffee with my clients, I help them complete their shopping or other daily tasks they may otherwise struggle with doing alone.  

How does Driving Miss Daisy help residents?

“Through building trust, by lending a listening ear and showing compassion and empathy to all who share the journey. I know how to make my passengers, especially those with a disability feel safe and be a trusted companion. All my clients are unique and have unique needs. I tailor my day to their needs which makes every day different and incredibly special too. There is nothing more rewarding than making a positive difference in people’s lives who feel isolated, alone, or vulnerable. I love seeing owners and pets travel together. No dog is too big or small, nor cat too furry, to travel in the Daisy car.

What would you like done to help the most vulnerable in our local community?

“My vision is to help as many people as I can in our wonderful part of Brisbane and its surrounds. I would like to expand my business and employ more Daisies to transport and assist more people. I would also love to hire people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, including those who are semi- retired, culturally, and linguistically diverse or first nations peoples. I hope to one day have a fleet of Daisy cars and a team of people who share the same beliefs and passion for helping the vulnerable, as I do.”

I recently purchased a second car and am actively looking for people who are passionate about helping others to employ. I encourage readers interested in applying, or would love to use our service, to call me on 0447 195 554 or email me at foreslake@drivingmissdaisy.com.au. I’m also on Facebook “Driving Miss Daisy Forest Lake Qld.”

Driving Miss Daisy Forest Lake is truly fulfilling work and meaningful work. It really takes a village to support our most vulnerable residents.

Community Hero and Driving Miss Daisy driver Adaline “Addie” Moy.
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Jamie Furness