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Celebrating Cultural Diversity for Harmony Day

Guy Hazlewood    March 8, 2024    2 min read   

Elorac Place in Ellen Grove will be hosting Harmony Day on March 22 from 4pm, where the community will come together to help build a deeper understanding between the different people, families, and cultural groups.

The Harmony Day event will celebrate the cultural diversity of the local area through music, dance, art, and food which Elorac Place Community Project Officer Michelle Day believes will be a fun day for everyone.

harmony day
Dot painting workshop on small canvases. Source: Elorac Place

“The annual Harmony Day event is always a success with the community members participating in art workshops and engaging in conversation with staff, volunteers and community members,” she said.

“The cultural backgrounds we tend to see at the events range from Filipino, Vietnamese, Samoan, Nigerian and Japanese.”

Locals will have a choice of cuisines including paella, churros, Vietnamese Bahn Mi, and ice cream from the Salvation Army Youth Outreach Service, which is also located at Elorac Place.

Bahn Mi will be served up for locals. Source: Stock Images

The event will also include dance performances by Heilani Productions and a local artist will facilitate an art workshop where they will teach community members dot painting on small canvases.

“Our purpose is to provide an event to bring together different cultural groups to increase social cohesion and connectedness,” Michelle said.

“We are excited to see the community again for another wonderful Harmony Day event.”

The event will be held at Elorac Place Community Centre, 11A Southampton Road, Ellen Grove in the community garden.

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Guy Hazlewood