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Christmas in July – Lions Club Forest Lake June 2022

Jamie Furness    July 1, 2022    1 min read   

Christmas in July – A Piece of Cake! 

It’s time to celebrate Christmas in July, when the colder weather invites warm winter foods and desserts to our tables. 

The Lions Club of Forest Lake supplies our popular Christmas puddings throughout the year and can make your Christmas in July dinner very special.

Covered in cream, complemented with custard, the Lions’ Christmas pudding makes a perfect winter dessert, without the fuss of making and baking. 

Well wrapped, moist, individual fruit cake slices are ideal to have in the cupboard all year around for when guests come over or to put in the lunch boxes of Forest Lake. 

Currently we have limited supplies of 1 kg fruit cakes at $13.00.

Christmas puddings are available also at $13.00 and individually wrapped 80 gram mini cake slices at $2.00, all available from Crossacres Garden Centre on the weekends between 10am – 2pm at the Lions’ weekend sausage sizzle in the centre.

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Jamie Furness