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Couples legacy lasts for life with generous donation

Jamie Furness    November 18, 2022    3 min read   

Brian and Marilyn Dodd


A generous local couple facing their own struggles managed to make a positive impact even after death by leaving a large sum of money to a respected Queensland children’s charity.


Many people living in the Forest Lake and Centenary suburbs will have known and loved the late Brian and Marilyn Dodd.

For many years Brian and Marilyn were hard working volunteers for the Brisbane and Centenary Crime Stoppers organisation and after moving to Forest Lake, it was a logical step for them to get involved again in their new community.  

They did this through the National Seniors Forest Lake Branch and the 50 Plus Club.

When you speak to people about Brian, a summary of their impressions of him are all the same.

“He was a man big in stature, outspoken with a loud voice and strong views on everything, but deep down he was always willing to help those less fortunate than himself,” Dan Baldwin said.

Greater Forest Lake resident Andrea McGovern said she met Brian and Marilyn when she and her husband became members of the Centenary Crime Stoppers. 

“Brian was always keen to be involved and offered his services on pretty much every activity that came up,” she said.

“Brain and Marilyn enjoyed a busy life and were keen to give back to the community.

“He had the gift of the gab. As volunteers are hard to come by, this exuberance helped fill the quota needed for community awareness campaigns.”

To show the calibre of Brian and Marilyn, in their estate a bequest of $100,000 has been made to the Starlight Foundation Queensland.  

People would be aware that this organisation grants special wishes to very sick young children.  

After the tragic loss of Marilyn to cancer in October 2017, lifelong friends Peter and Julie Hyland from New South Wales strongly supported Brian through his grieving period as well as his serious medical problems.  

Then COVID-19 hit Australia, making it virtually impossible for Peter and Julie to continue their on-going support to Brian due to closed borders

Friends and other members of the Forest Lake community stepped up to support and assist Brian with his loss, especially as his health took a downward spiral.  

Unfortunately Brian passed away on December 21, 2021.

Brian and Marilyn had no children between them but this money will light up the faces of many sick children in the future. 

Forest Lake resident Dan Baldwin hands over a $100,000 cheque to Leath Williams from the Starlight Foundation on behalf of late the Brian and Marilyn Dodd.

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Jamie Furness