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Durack Inala Bowls Club announces youngest life member

roberthernandez    June 18, 2024    2 min read   

Bradley Eustace was announced as a new life member of the Durack Inala Bowls Club at the club’s AGM held last month, becoming the youngest to achieve the title at 45 years of age.

45-year-old Bradley Eustace is a new life member at Durack Inala Bowls Club. Source: Guy Hazlewood

Bradley started at the club at 13 years of age as part of a school program to teach lawn bowls.

“I was coached by Dennis Scott when I first arrived at the club and he taught me everything about bowls,” he said.

“I have played a lot of junior competitions here and won B-grade singles as well.”

Bradley works the afternoon shift at the Royal Brisbane hospital, which allows him to volunteer at the club in the mornings and on the weekends.

“If there is anything on, I am usually down here helping out,” he said.

“I can sometimes be behind the bar, setting up functions or teaching students who are a part of the school program.”

Becoming a life member shocked Bradley, who was at the AGM when it was announced.

“They asked me to stand outside for a minute while they had a vote and I was thinking what is this all about?” he said.

“They called me back in and everyone was clapping and congratulating me, I was shocked but very grateful to be recognised.”

Bradley is the longest-standing member at the club, with a close second being his mother Lorraine who signed up a few months after him.

“At times, I just think, where have those 32 years gone?” Bradley said.

“We have both been here for a very long time and made countless friends throughout the years, so it’s very special to us.”