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Feeling bored? Here are some prompters to get you creating

The Lake News    May 8, 2020    3 min read   

by Lily Friis

Are you ever bored and feel like being creative but not sure what to do? Well then, here are some ideas and stimuli to get you thinking and, hopefully, creating!

For Kids:

  • have a go at drawing your favourite place to go on the holidays
  • draw a picture that includes a lemon, a paper clip and an animal of your choice
  • draw a rainforest with as many animals as you can think of
  • try writing a story about the adventures of an echidna (maybe make the setting your own backyard!)
  • make a drawing of your favourite thing to do
  • fill the whole page with squiggly lines and colour in the spaces you make
  • try filling a page with lots of different shapes and see what you create
  • try creating your own ‘spot the difference’ and see if other people can find the differences you drew
  • try drawing your favourite animal but in a different way (maybe you use only straight lines, or you make a pattern within the outline of your animal, or something else completely)
  • try drawing illustrations for your favourite book if it doesn’t have any or create new ones for a book that is already illustrated
  • try writing a story set in a desert with unexpected or unusual characters
  • try writing a story that has a setting under the sea and involves a creature nobody has ever found before

For anyone:

  • recreate your favourite sunset picture in your style and preferred art form
  • try having a go at a new art form whether its digital art, watercolour, acrylic painting or something else entirely
  • go to your local park or backyard and take photos of beautiful things you see. Or try taking beautiful photos of ordinary objects you see
  • try creating an art piece using only one colour, use different shades and tones where you would usually use different colours
  • write a story about your favourite place, whether its a holidays destination or somewhere in your backyard. Try and be descriptive and explain why you love it
  • try painting or drawing a photo that you love, whether its a landscape or of someone, try recreating it with your own spin on it
  • if you enjoy sewing, find a piece of clothing you never wear and upcycle it in some way. You could make it into something completely new or simply change the item into something that you will wear
  • if you have some spare fabric lying around try making it into fabric twine! This is super easy and tutorials can be found all over the internet
  • have a go at making an art piece that is fully black and white, this will mean you’ll need to rely on shadows and layering to show depth

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