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The Lake News    September 28, 2023    2 min read   

By Bob Butchard

Do you ever feel as if the AI world is taking over your life, and your choices and options are already programmed? 

We are all influenced constantly by smart TVs, internet, and radio, bombarded from every direction until we acquiesce to this subliminal world that we are told is progress.

Do you think it would be nice to take a step back, return to or rediscover a way of life that encourages you to use your imagination? 

At Flair we encourage that state of mind. 

Shut out the incessant white noise and applaud each others’ own creative leanings in a way that benefits our individual talents and the group’s culture.

Reading and writing
We still find exciting,
Review and debate
As we strive to create.
Advice and suggestion,
Answer or question,
Solutions evolved
Writer’s block solved.
Exercise your mind
Maybe you’ll find
That novel within
That you long to begin.
Perhaps poetry’s your thing,
Give Tom a ring,
Please don’t be shy
Give it a try.

Our group is a diverse mix of backgrounds. A passage in time of a young girl growing up within the constraints of Apartheid years in South Africa, and an epic train journey of wondrous memories. 

Contrast her formative years with a seemingly simpler time for an equally young Sri Lankan girl, an Ocean apart, curious and keen to effect changes that learning and education could bring to her life. Both migrated to seek their destination in life. 

Uncertain times in the divided German city of Berlin in post war Germany painted a stark backdrop for our next scribe’s travels. Later he experiences a ghostly apparition on the moors of Cornwall in the English west country while waiting for a bus. 

The excitement of a country village fair highlights a juggler, a dancing bear and a much simpler lifestyle in our young adventurer’s quest to confront a mythical dragon in medieval times.

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