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The Lake News    April 30, 2020    3 min read   

by John Prout

With the festive season and holidays now in our memory and a new school year has commenced for many, I suppose one would say ‘life is returning to normal’ as we live under the many restrictions currently in place for obvious reasons. This month we will hold our postponed Annual General Meeting prior to the General Meeting. Hopefully this year we will have our meetings, open garden visits and bus trips without too many limitations.

The first bus trip will be on 25th March 2021 when we will visit the Ginger Factory in Yandina. The ginger factory was originally located at Buderim, before moving operations to Yandina in 1978. The on-site souvenir shop has a large selection of Buderim Ginger products, from ginger beers and cordial, marmalades and spreads, to sweets and ginger pieces. Lots of yummy treats to enjoy. Lunch will be at the Marcoola Surf Club and on the return journey we will visit The Rosevale Nursery. Tickets are available at $45 each. Contact Margaret Taylor (0407 134 412) to book your seat.

Presenting a bunch of cut roses is the traditional way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. As the cost of cut roses almost trebles at this time of the year, why not give a potted rose plant that will live for many years and is a far more appropriate way to acknowledge a long-lasting commitment. Red roses are always the number one choice for Valentine’s Day.

Hasn’t it been hot lately? There are some strappy leaved plants that are most useful in the garden when it comes to ‘beating the heat’. They’ve evolved to handle difficult conditions such as drought, root competition, shade or hot sun and they’re amazingly versatile in any landscape. Their upright growth, for example, will make vertical statements. They can be clumped together to form ground–covering layers, fill containers or be planted as defining borders. What are these plants? Examples are – Bird of Paradise, Agapanthus, any of the Kangaroo Paw variety, Lomandras (an incredibly tough Australian native) Ornamental grasses, Spider Lily, and Society Garlic (Tulbaghia spp) to mention a few.

The club meets on the first Tuesday of each month and visitors are most welcome. Hope you can join us.

Meetings Tuesdays, at The National Servicemen’s Association Hall at 907 Boundary Road, Wacol. Next meeting is 2nd March. For more information call John Prout 0419 634 699 or Jill Lowe 0403 002 143.

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