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Forest Lake Lakers dragon boaters head to Nationals

Jamie Furness    April 1, 2023    2 min read   

Six members from the Forest Lake Lakers Dragon Boat Club have been selected to compete in the 2023 AusChamps Nationals competition this month, representing the Queensland Dragon Boat Federation.

The competition will be held on April 20 to April 24 in Victoria at Gateway Lake, Albury Wodonga.

Local Dragon Boaters attending the competition will include Aron Pulemagafa, Ron Kiel, Tymira Pulemagafa, Nathan Billing, Nigel Kahupukoro, and Rob Crowton.

Lakers Dragon Boaters
(Left to right) Forest Lake Lakers Dragon Boaters Nathan Billing, Aron Pulemagafa, Tymira Pulemagafa, Rob Crowton, Nigel Kahupukoro.

Lakers DBC coach Pani (Joe) Martin said it was a huge honour to have these members representing not only their state, but also their club.

“They are prepared, pumped, focused and determined to make Lakers DBC and Queensland proud,” he said.

Robert, Nigel, Nathan, Tymira and Aron have previously represented Queensland in the past five years, while Ron Keil is representing Queensland for the first time.  

Tymira is the Lakers youngest and only female member representing the Queensland Squad, competing in the Premier Division 18 -25yr age group.

Forest Lake Lakers dragon boaters head to Nationals

(Left to right) Forest Lake Lakers Dragon Boaters Ron Keil, Rob Crowton, Nigel Kahupukoro, Nathan Billing and Aron Pulemagafa.

Each member had to undergo a rigorous assessment process to qualify for the Australian  championships. 

Club president Leroy Neilson said he was very proud to have these fine individuals come together in a team environment and perform to the best of their abilities.

“They bring pride, encouragement and enthusiasm into our club. They are great mentors whom our members look up to for guidance,” he said.

You can support the club and keep up to date on their progress by liking them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lakersdragons.

Lakers Dragon Boaters
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