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The Lake News    January 2, 2024    2 min read   

A round of applause for Stan Chrenkoff, the October maestro who waltzed away with the Heritage Bank Slideshow Award! Stan’s enchanting photo of a flower has us all revelling in the beauty of petals and pixels.

In the grand tradition of the Forest Lake Photography Club, every month is a visual feast as members submit their snapshots for a dazzling slideshow. The next step? A vote-a-thon for the top three favourites. This time, Stan emerged victorious, and boy, did he earn it!

As the crowned champion, Stan’s about to score an A3+ print of his floral masterpiece. And guess what? The club’s got its own printer, courtesy of the Forest Lake Heritage Bank’s benevolent grant, ensuring that Stan’s creation will soon leap off the screen and onto paper. Members, including Stan, can work this printing magic for the mere cost of paper or canvas—a small price for turning digital dreams into tangible treasures.

For those keen on a monthly rendezvous with creativity, the Forest Lake Photography Club is your go-to. They assemble on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:15 pm, and yes, visitors are not just welcome—they’re practically the VIPs of the visual soirée. So, if you’ve got a camera, a love for all things picturesque, or just a curious spirit, mark your calendar and join the photographic shindig at the Forest Lake Community Hall!

At the latest gathering, the talented Marigold Meagher shared the secrets of capturing photos for collections. Kudos to Marigold for the invaluable insights! 

Curiosity piqued? If you’re itching to dive into this vibrant community of click-happy enthusiasts, check out their digital hub at forestlakephotographyclub.com. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a rookie with a camera, this club is where creativity clicks, and Stan’s floral triumph is just the latest bloom in their photographic garden!

Crimson Pom-Pom. Photo: Stan Chrenkoff.

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