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Forest Lake students connect with Police through Blue Edge program

Jamie Furness    December 20, 2022    2 min read   

By Jamie Furness

Twenty-three students from Forest Lake State High School participated in the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Blue Edge program at school in Term 4 of 2022.

The program ran two mornings a week over eight weeks, and included a 30 minute fitness session followed by a breakfast attended by police officers and the students.

Forest Lake State High School youth support coordinator Jasmine McPhail said the students, who nominated themselves for the program, learned many valuable lessons during the sessions.

“Their program is designed to expand the young person’s mind and physical capability, while also mentoring the young people,” she said.

“The police linked in with the students while they ate breakfast … some of them also played games of basketball with them.”

The QPS Blue Edge Program focuses on improving physical health to promote better mental health for young people.

It also aims to teach the importance of teamwork and discipline, while encouraging students to motivate each other and achieve their own goals.

Jasmine said the community connections and rapport students developed with the officers would have a lasting impact on the students.

“It’s a great program in regards to linking our young people with the police, and having that positive impact in their lives.

“We’ve had positive feedback from every single one in the program.”

At the end of the program the students were treated to a trip to Movie World, which was fully funded by Blue Edge. 

They were also given a pair of brand new running shoes to commemorate their fitness journey through the program.

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Jamie Furness