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From the Principal of Forest Lake State High School

Jamie Furness    April 4, 2023    2 min read   
From the Principal

Forest Lake SHS offers quality programs tailored to provide a first-class education to every student in our community.  The school educates and empowers students to become successful global citizens.

Our school expectations for students, staff and parents are summarised with the acronym “PRIDE”.  This reminds us all to be Prepared, Respectful, Inclusive, Dedicated and Engaged.  This captures our Ways of Working in our school.

In 2023 our school has adopted the “PERMAH” framework as our Ways of Being – to Be Well.

The framework, based on positive psychology research by Prof Seligman, tells us that happiness and success are inter-related.  Supporting students to be more positive results in motivated, efficient, resilient, creative and productive students who will be successful.  Importantly, we can learn to identify the key factors that influence our lives.  Then, when we intentionally focus on those positive factors in our life, our health and wellbeing improves.

PERMAH learning will support us to: 

– create positive emotions and be our best self and express gratitude – Positive emotions;

– be mindful, focussed and connected – Engagement;

– make and maintain healthy relationships – Relationships;

– identify purpose and meaning in life – Meaning;

– set goals and celebrate achievements – Accomplishment; and

– develop good physical and mental habits – Health.

Each week our students will engage in learning activities to better understand the PERMAH pillars and develop skills to take positive control of their lives.  We see this as an important aspect of empowering our students to be successful global citizens.

With our focus on PRIDE and PERMAH we know we are a great local school. 

We are ready to welcome students to enrol in 2024.

By Denise Kostowski, Principal.

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