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Guinea pig enthusiasts gather for monthly competitions

Guy Hazlewood    March 18, 2024    2 min read   

The Cavy Owners & Breeders Society of Queensland (COBS) hosted its monthly guinea pig competition at the Inala Bowls Club on February 25, continuing its tradition of celebrating the beloved rodent breed.

Established in the mid-1970s by a group of dedicated enthusiasts, COBS has since become one of the oldest guinea pig clubs in Australia.

Best in Show at the February Show was a Peruvian breed named Roselane Beautiful Girl Source: Kathryn McKay

With its 48th birthday approaching in 2024, the society remains committed to promoting the exhibition of quality pedigree cavies.

The competition, a highlight for guinea pig enthusiasts in the area, usually draws between 50 to 150 attendees and Club Secretary Kathryn McKay says anyone can get involved.

“It’s a really great hobby for people of all ages,” she said

“We are particularly keen to encourage and mentor younger exhibitors to get involved with the wide variety of breeds that not many people know of.”

The event typically features seven groups, each broken down into different breeds. 

Additionally, there’s a pet section specifically designated for crossbreeds, catering to the diverse interests of participants.

Reserve in Show at the February show was a Black English Crested guinea pig named Little Rascals Cruel Summer. Source: Kathryn McKay

COBS encourages responsible cavy ownership and breeding Standard Breed cavies, fostering a community of passionate and knowledgeable guinea pig enthusiasts.

The society actively engages interstate judges to oversee the Standard Breed sections, ensuring a fair and competitive environment.

“Our shows don’t leave out the Standard Breed fanciers,” Kathryn said.

“We have Standard Breed classes that vary from month to month to keep everything light-hearted and fun for the exhibitors.”

For those interested in learning more about upcoming shows and other events hosted by COBS, inquiries can be directed to COBSSecretary@outlook.com or by visiting the society’s webpage at https://cobsqld.weebly.com/.

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