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Inala resident qualifies for 2024 Paris Olympic Games 

Guy Hazlewood    April 26, 2024    2 min read   

Inala’s own Teremoana Jr Teremoana, who trains out of The Boxing Shop in Salisbury, is poised to make waves at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, marking a significant milestone in his career and personal journey.

Teremoana Jr Teremoana will compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Source: Teremoana Jr

The achievement signifies not only his dedication to his sport but also the realisation of a childhood dream.

“For me, qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games is a dream come true both personally and professionally,” Teremoana said.

“It’s a validation of my passion and commitment to my sport. I’m just a kid from Inala, and now I’m representing my country at the Olympic Games.”

With the support of his family and friends, Teremoana’s journey has been one of perseverance and dedication.

His training camp for the Paris Olympics has been bolstered by international experiences and sparring sessions with seasoned athletes from around the world.

“My training camp has been progressing very well,” Teremoana said.

“Each day brings new challenges, but I’m focused and determined to make every session count.”

Reflecting on his preparation for fights on the world stage, Teremoana emphasised the importance of holistic readiness, both physically and mentally.

“Approaching fights on the world stage requires a combination of physical, mental, and strategic preparation,” he said.

“Mental preparation is crucial, visualising success and maintaining a positive mindset throughout the competition.”

Teremoana’s achievements in the ring include titles such as the QLD Super-Heavyweight Champ, Australian Super-Heavyweight Champ, and Pacific Games Super-Heavyweight Champ.

“Holding these titles is an incredible honour,” Teremoana said.

“It’s a testament to years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance through the endless sacrifices I’ve made.”

Teremoana extends his gratitude to his family and friends for their unwavering support acknowledging their pivotal role in his journey.

“Thank you to my parents, siblings, extended family, family friends and sponsors for always supporting me and making this journey so much more meaningful,” he said.

As he gears up for the Paris Olympics, Teremoana is poised to make his mark on the global stage and bring a gold medal back home to Australia and Inala.

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Guy Hazlewood