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Meet Forest Lake candle lady Theresa Davidson

Jamie Furness    June 8, 2022    3 min read   

Meet Theresa Davidson, owner of Forest Lake-based small business Highlight Candles and Sands. 

Theresa creates and sells beautiful personalised candles and coloured ceremonial sands as a way for people to commemorate the special moments in life.

Her husband purchased the business for her in 2019 when she was no longer able to work in administration due to an ongoing knee problem.

“We decided to give me a little business at home,” she said.

“I love designing – I always wanted to be a graphic designer, so with the candles and sands, it all fit so well.

“I saw it was for sale and my husband offered to buy me the business, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Like many other small businesses, Highlight Candles and Sands took a big hit during Covid-19 when lockdowns prevented most events from happening.

“It’s amazing how much Covid affected a little candle business,” she said.

Not long after her business started to pick up pace again, Theresa was diagnosed with cancer which made it hard to keep up with all the orders.

One day in March 2021 she went in for an operation, and when she came out she had 20 orders to take care of.

“I was in the hospital trying to recuperate, but the orders had to go out,” she said with a laugh.

“Three days after the operation I was up trying to design and make them – my husband was always bringing me the supplies!”

Ceremonial sands are a great way to commemorate weddings as a lasting symbol of unity not only between a groom and a bride, but for blended families as well.

Theresa, who has been working from her home in Forest Lake since 2019, said ensuring her customers were satisfied and well-taken care of was very important to her.

“You want to have that special feeling of being looked after … everybody wants that special feeling,” she said.

Highlight Candles and Sands create custom candles for weddings, baptisms, christenings, naming days, memorials, pet memorials, graduations, birthdays and other special occasions candles and all your ceremonies and celebrations. Candles are top quality, smoke-free, and have many graphics, fonts, colours and designs to choose from.

The most enjoyable part of her work is when customers see their completed orders and fall in love with the finished product.

“When I send them a picture and they text me back saying things like ‘wow that’s beautiful, I’m so excited to receive these … ’ that’s my job done.” she said.

“It’s different than when you go through Ebay and have to hope it’s what you wanted.”

Her dream for the business is to find a place to rent outside of her home and hire a team of designers.

For more information visit the Highlight Candles and Sands website at https://candles.net.au/ 

Theresa also runs Coloured Sand DIY Design Parties for people to host at home with their friends. Each recipient receives 1 bottle or jar, enough sand to fill the bottle, equipment to do their sand creations, and assistance with creative and design ideas and tips. See the Facebook page for more information.


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