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Oodles of Oodles at Forest Lake Play Date

Guy Hazlewood    January 14, 2024    2 min read   

Oodles dog-breed owners of Forest Lake will be able to connect with other pet owners at a monthly playdate held at the Forest Lake Off-Leash Dog Park.

The Oodle is a dog breed with a mix of poodle and other breeds, such as cocker spaniels, golden retrievers and Labradors.

Natalie Pham, with her two oodles Dino and Bambi, organised the play date after seeing many oodles owners in the Forest Lake area.

“I take Dino and Bambi for walks most afternoons, and I am always running into other Oodle owners,” she said.

“I have had to travel nearly an hour for other Oodle play dates, so I thought why not host my own for the Forest Lake owners”.

Natalie put a post on the Forest Lake Community space on Facebook and created an event for people to attend.

Natalie Pham’s two Oodles, Dino and Bambi. All photos by Natalie Pham

“On the Facebook event I had about 20 people who had said they were going to attend which was great,” she said.

“However, there was over 40 Oodles at the event, plus their owners and children, which was so amazing”

During the event, Natalie spoke to other Oodle owners, and knew there was a deeper meaning for the play date.

“I connected with many of the Oodles owners and discovered that some of us had some bad experiences at dog parks, which can happen,” said Natalie.

“That can cause some anxiety in some dogs and the owners, so I really want to create a safe space for our oodles and their owners”.

Natalie thinks the play date can become a monthly occurrence and a safe place for Oodles owners to come together.

“I hope we will have many more Oodles play dates for our fur babies and their families in the future,” she said.

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Guy Hazlewood