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PRN – July 2019 Issue

The Lake News    July 2, 2019    1 min read   

Bob Hawke’s recent passing reminded me of the day he visited us at Hubner Park. He came to see the great work the community had done in creating a safe place for young people to play sport. He was genuinely impressed that so much could be accomplished from the grant received. It was a great testament to the hard work and community spirit of Park Ridge residents.

This month’s issue continues to celebrate the things we want to see more of – people coming together to discuss the future of our community, families being equipped with practical tools for living, new shops and services opening, kids and families enjoying life through sport and much more.

We’d love to hear what you want to see more of in your community. So jump onto our Facebook page @parkridgenews and leave a comment on the things you like.

Have a great month.

The Lake News

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