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Guy Hazlewood and Richlands - Forest Lake Scout Group    March 26, 2024    3 min read   

At Scouts, we encourage our youth members to develop healthy living skills, such as participating in sports / outdoor activities, eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest and avoiding things like cigarettes, vaping, drugs and alcohol.  

We also encourage youth members to develop other healthy living skills, such as:

  • Spiritual growth – being true to their own personal beliefs;
  • Intellectual growth – challenging their minds and encouraging them to think outside of the box;
  • Character development and leadership – thinking about their peers and community and how they can be of service; 
  • Caring for the environment and community by thinking globally and acting locally, and
  • Social growth – being able to easily accept and welcome people from all walks of life, abilities and backgrounds.

Across all age levels from age 5 to 25 and beyond, Scouting helps to develop all aspects of young people – mind, body and soul.  

What I love about Scouting is that it encompasses every person’s individual strengths.  

Some of our Scouts are more excited by the idea of adventurous activities, others love the exhilaration of being on the stage or using their creative instincts, while others get totally absorbed in problem-solving a challenging STEM activity. 

There is something here for everybody. Scouts today is exciting, youth led and ever evolving.  

At Richlands-Forest Lake, our program reflects the ideas and interests of our youth, as they take the reins and steer in the direction they want to explore.  

Our most imaginative section – Joeys (aged 5 – 8) are continuing on an alphabet themed program.  After previously exploring Australia Day, Bike Safety and Cupcakes & Cards, it was time for D for Dinosaurs as we searched for dinosaur pieces and solved the puzzle to identify the dinosaur type, and dug away to excavate our own dinosaurs. Then there was E for Engineering – where the Joeys worked together to solve the problem of making a paper bridge strong enough to bear the load placed on it, before constructing a DaVinci bridge – using poles but no ropes – strong enough to support the weight of one of our male leaders. Then using their creativity to build a Fairy Garden with the Cubs. 

Likewise our Cubs (8 – 11) have enjoyed team building games and sharing their other interests with their peers during their Show and Tell night.


Our older sections – arguably our most diverse – include Scouts (11 – 15) and Venturer Scouts (15 – 18).  These young people are always up for a laugh and a game, then engross themselves in their chosen activity, be that creating a wooden masterpiece, challenging each other on the bowling lanes, exploring the city and surroundings, testing their culinary talents or planning an adventure.  No matter their age or lifestyle, our Scouts’ adventures are only limited by their imaginations.  

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Guy Hazlewood and Richlands - Forest Lake Scout Group