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Richlands-Forest Lake Scout Group

Guy Hazlewood    May 18, 2024    2 min read   

As everyone headed back for term 2 of school, so too did the Scouts.  

Our Joeys continued on with their alphabet theme and were joined by the cubs for the “I” program, doing ice art and making ice cream in a bag, and “J” for Joeys was about updating our code of conduct and goals before joining the Cubs for some gardening. 

“K” was for knots and kites, and “L” saw us at our beautiful Lake, collecting leaves for leaf art and learning to climb. 

Our Cubs revised their Promise & Law and learned to make damper on the fire. 

Our Scouts and Venturers had a Program & Pizza night, chilled with a movie night and spent a night learning about different ways to make fire – then put them into practice.  

For this year’s ANZAC commemoration, our youth members spread out and attended various services with their schools and families to get a different perspective. 

At the start of term, our Scout Dakota, flew to Canberra with our leader, Tamika (Nag) to spend a week camping on the grounds of Government House with hundreds of youth from around the country.  

With such activities on offer as tours of the War Memorial, ANZAC Avenue, Questacon and more, adventurous activities such as 4WD, mountain bike riding, paddling, abseiling, survival skills etc and night activities including a disco, magic shows, talent show and a bonfire run by the Governor-General’s wife there was definitely something there for everybody.  

I’ve been told that the highlight for Dakota was the early morning hot air balloon ride, run by members of our Australian Defence Force. 

This amazing camping opportunity allowed the Scouts to make friends with people from all around Queensland as they camped, cooked and played together as part of the Queensland Contingent.

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Guy Hazlewood