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Richlands-Forest Lake Scout Group – Meet the Team

Jamie Furness    March 9, 2023    3 min read   

By scout leader/group leader Rosella (Tania McLaughlin)

Richlands-Forest Lake Scout members on a biking trip.

I’d like to introduce you to the Richlands-Forest Lake Scout Group adult supporters.

Rosella (aka Tania McLaughlin) has the role of Group Leader, responsible for every member (and family) in our Group. Rosella first started training as a Joey Scout Leader in 1993 and has trained in multiple other roles. Rosella also currently mentors our Scout section and enjoys passing on the practical skills she has developed during her years as a Leader. All of her 10 children have been involved in Scouting as youth members, with some still involved as Leaders.

Our Venturer Scout Leader, Bagheera (aka Allan McLaughlin) is also a long-term Leader. Baggie doubles as our Quartermaster and is responsible for ensuring our equipment is kept in good order.  He is our go-to guy for helping with fire night, construction, woodworking and helping to set up for our community events. 

Our Cub Scout Leaders are Nag (aka Tamika McLaughlin) and Baloo (aka Dakotah Newell).  These two young Leaders are great partners in Scouts, mentoring our Cub Scout section.  Nag loves animals, and is happy to have a job where she gets to work with them, while Baloo works in retail.

Our youngest Scouts – Joeys – are mentored by Maggi (aka Mikaylah McLaughlin) with the guidance of Rosella.  Maggi is great with the Joeys and also acts as our events manager.  Our Treasurer, Koala (aka Krystal Smith) has been with us for many years. Koala is Mum to two of our Scouts and dedicates a lot of her time not only to the financial management of our Group, but also assists us on camps, activity nights and other outings. Koala’s extended family are also great supporters of our Group.  Wombat (aka Danielle Barr) holds the role of Secretary and is not only responsible for mail, but also designs our promotional materials, distributes minutes and helps with fundraising.  Wombat is also one of our regular permanent parent helpers in the Joey Scout section, attending activity nights, camps and other outings. Despite the experience and dedication of our Leaders and Executive Committee, we would not run as smoothly without the help of the parents in our Group.  While we are truly thankful and appreciative of any support by families, some of our parent helpers are very dedicated assisting with outings, camps and other activities including fundraising etc. We’d like to give a special thanks to Cassowary (aka Sophie Paige), Possum (aka Mandy Louda) and Dolphin (aka Sam W) who can all be relied upon to consistently show up and lend a hand. BRAVO to you all.

We are looking forward to 2023 and all of the amazing adventures and experiences inspired by our youth.  Please contact Rosella on 0402308182 for details on how your family can be involved in Scouting. We accept young people from the age of 5 upwards.

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Jamie Furness