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Unique exhibition at Inala Art Gallery this month

The Lake News    February 2, 2021    2 min read   

Members of the Inala Art Gallery committee are excited to be hosting an exhibition featuring the Brisbane Toy Soldier Association (BTSA), the club’s first ever public exhibition.

Current members of BTSA can trace the history of the Association back to 1953 but there is anecdotal evidence that the club had its beginnings in the 1930’s.

The Club has been known as BTSA since the very early 1990’s and has offered a common meeting ground for like minded people from all walks of life and ages since it’s inception.

“During the life of the club, the hobby of ‘toy soldier’ collecting has changed enormously,” said BTSA member Bob. “In 1953 plastic figures were impacting on the hobby. ‘Plastics’ are still around both as ‘toys’ and connoisseur figures and have been joined by a bewildering array of ‘resin’ figures in recent years.

“The rather crudely painted and sculpted, ‘glossy’ figures made by firms like Britains, were being challenged by well sculpted ‘unpainted castings’ which collectors could assemble and paint themselves. In the late 1990’s there was the start of the beautifully sculpted and painted (matte painted) figures coming out of Hong Kong.”

All these different products are still produced and each type has its adherents and are represented within the BTSA membership.

“Also in recent years there has been an upsurge in the popularity of the ‘diorama’ using miniature figures. A number of BTSA members make dioramas and some will be on display for the exhibition. This is not an area for the faint hearted as it requires a heavy investment in accessories, as well as figures.

“Notwithstanding the diversity of human history, there is an old adage in figure collecting circles that says, “Somewhere, at some time, someone, has made a figure of whatever you can think of.” It is just a question of how much time and energy one has to keep looking!” said Bob.

The BTSA exhibition will commence on 3 February and run all through February. The Inala Art Gallery is open from 10am-3pm Tuesday to Saturday and is located at 37 Corsair Avenue, Inala (behind the library). Entry is free and everyone is welcome to come and visit and have a chat. For any additional information, the president of the Gallery, Anne McPhee can be contacted on 0422 843 390 or by calling the gallery on 3372 8208.

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