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Local Artist Spotlight – Vinoraa Photography

Jamie Furness    April 29, 2023    2 min read   

This month’s Local Artist spotlight features Heathwood resident Dr Vinothan Paramanathan, owner of Vinoraa Photography. Vinothan’s photographs of the sunsets in Forest Lake have been receiving lots of praise in the Forest Lake Community Space group on Facebook.

The pictures, which were liked more than 900 times, were taken at the Forest Lake Shopping Centre on February 4 2023 between 6:40 pm and 8:00 pm using a Sony A7R3 mirrorless camera. 

The reflection was created by placing the camera on top of a car roof, with some using a NISI natural light filter. 

Facebook users praised Vinothan’s photographs, describing them as “beautiful,” “brilliant,” “stunning,” and “incredible.”

“Absolutely brilliant – wow. I have never seen anything like this,” one group member said.

Vinothan especially enjoys taking photographs of landscapes and wildlife both in Australia and other countries.

“This is my hobby … [I’ve been] doing it for 10 years,” he said.

Each month, The Lake News selects one local artist to feature in our Local Artist Spotlight column. 

Featureable artwork can include – but is not limited to – photographs, paintings, digital art, sculptures and more done by artists of all ages from children to adults.

To submit your art, email a copy of your work to The Lake News journalist Jamie Furness via jamie@lnp.net.au 

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