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Yoga brings healing to Ellen Grove and Forest Lake community

Guy Hazlewood    February 20, 2024    2 min read   

Ellen Grove resident Christine Nonn teaches yoga every Monday night at the Uniting Church on Waterford Road, and this year will be conducting yoga sessions at the Forest Lake parklands.

Yoga in the park will soon come to Forest Lake. Source: Christine Nonn

The yoga sessions will also include a grief workshop.

“Grief comes in many shades,” Christine said.

“The loss of a loved one, health, work, house or a pet, are all devastating and bring different levels of grief. 

“If I can add a few things in my workshop to the toolbox for mental emergencies, I would be very happy.”

Christine, who was born in Germany, has been practising yoga for 20 years and became a teacher after completing 350 hours of teacher training.

“I have so much passion for yoga, and the people you meet through it is such a beautiful experience,” she said.

Christine hopes to transform participants at the parklands through yoga, through her style called the ‘Tree of Transformation’.

“This style is all about reclaiming your power, because in the last few years, especially with COVID, we have been losing our power,” she said.

“The sequence is designed to allow you to reclaim inner harmony and achieve wholeness at every level of your being.”

yoga teacher
Yoga teacher Christine Nonn. Source: Christine Nonn

The program will run across 21 days, including 30-minute sessions involving the yoga style and workshop.

“Participants in the program will leave with a greater appreciation for their beliefs, whether that is religious or the belief in themselves,” Christine said.

“But they will also learn to stay calm like a rock in the ocean and learn to make better decisions under stress or pressure.”

Christine’s yoga classes start at 7pm at the Forest Lake Uniting Church, Leichhardt Building.

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