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Young chess superstars rank 7th at Qld State Final Competition

Jamie Furness    December 14, 2022    3 min read   

By Jamie Furness

A team of four students from the Grand Avenue State School Chess Club recently placed 7th out of 30 teams at the Gardiner Chess Interschool State Final competition in Brisbane.

Grand Avenue State School chess club coordinator Danielle Szczepina said Methul, Jethro, Vonal, and Nikhil performed well above expectations at the event, which was held at St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace in Brisbane from October 8-9

 “These kids are superstars,” she said. 

“I am exceedingly proud of the way these students conducted themselves on the day, and the sheer grit they have applied over many years to achieve and continue to improve at this high standard.”

Grade 6 student Methul said the competition was a lot of fun.

“At the beginning, I was a bit nervous because I knew that all the teams were really strong, and they were going to be a challenge for us. But, we did our best and managed to beat a lot of teams,” he said.

Grade 5 student Vonal said he was proud of their effort.

“The playing field was very intense. Our team would wait biting our nails as one after the other, players of our team would walk into the sitting area and tell us their result.  

“I felt very proud of our school at State Finals as we gave some schools a good run for their money.”

Mrs Szczepina said it was an impressive effort, especially after participating in seven one-hour rounds of chess over the course of two days against teams from private and state schools across Queensland. 

“Our last game of the day was against Churchie (Anglican Church Grammar School), who ultimately won the tournament,” she said.

“Our kids maintained their calm composure, staying in for the long game and forcing a draw in one instance.”

GASS Team 1 qualified for the state final competition following their performance at several Brisbane West Interschool Chess Tournaments earlier this year.

At various Brisbane West Interschool Chess Tournaments held throughout the year,, they placed placed 1st place in Term 1, 1st in Term 2, and 2nd in Term 3.

(Left to right) Jethro, Nikhil, Methul, and Vonal with their 1st place awards at the Brisbane West Interschool Chess Tournament held at Fernvale State School on June 1, 2022.

“GASS Team 1 have established a reputation for their good sportsmanship and cool demeanour,” Mrs Szczepina said.

“As they’ve gotten older, they seem to have learned it pays to slow down and think carefully about every move.”

Mrs Szczepina said the students knew they still had plenty to learn.

“It’s a pleasure to work with students who have this attitude, and I can see it’s a legacy they’re passing on to the younger players at our school,” she said.

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