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2023-24 Budget – by Councillor Charles Strunk

Corin Mackay    July 10, 2023    4 min read   

Last month in Brisbane City Council Chambers we saw the 2023-24 Budget handed down and funding announcements for our ward and city wide. I’m very happy to announce that big wins have been secured to support our community thanks to your support and regular community consultation. Sadly, the Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and his administration have fallen short with the cost of living increasing. This budget has seen substantial rate increases, and some of the worst hit suburbs include Inala, Durack, Doolandella, Ellen Grove and Richlands. The budget shows a poorly thought-out allocation of spending on our suburb’s infrastructure such as: drainage, parks, footpaths, traffic congestion, better public transport and we should have seen more support for community clubs who need financial relief. If you would like to know about the Brisbane City Council 2023-2024 budget, please email me at the Forest Lake Ward office.

Rates increases

I hear from residents when I’m out and about in the ward that the cost of living is putting a real stain on the residential budgets. This Council budget sees a rates increase for residents paying extra, in Inala – 4.5%, Forest Lake – 3.62%, Richlands – 5.91%, Doolandella – 5%, Durack – 4.99% and Ellen Grove – 4.03%. This is well above the average 3.5%.


We have been successful in having $115,000 allocated towards a large footpath and bikeway reconstruction in Durack, however, this falls well short of the funding needed for the numerous new and reconstruction footpaths that we need across the ward.  I will continue to resubmit my footpath budget list of necessary new and reconstruction footpaths to the Lord Mayor. We have many residents that are mobility impaired, and they need our support. I will continue to advocate for our footpaths to be repaired and new footpaths to be funded.

Sporting clubs  

Sporting clubs across the ward are crying out for more funding to assist with the vast amounts of costs looking after council lease properties, which includes water, power, lights, equipment and ongoing maintenance.  Clubs have been left to defend for themselves for too long. This year’s council budget shows that the Schrinner Administration is not paying enough attention to our sports and community clubs.  I will continue to assist our clubs with grants and to steadfast in advocating with my team in council for better funding support that will see our community clubs take over new leases that are more sustainable and functional.

FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics)

It would be an understatement to say that I am disappointed that there is no extra council funding for FOGO this year.  I am committed with my caucus team to continue to push for the (FOGO) recycling scheme which will combat the 100,000 tonnes of organic waste going into landfill each year.  FOGO will help reduce emissions, generate jobs, lower waste levy charges, and create more effective waste services for residents.  My ward office has been assisting in educating local residents about recycling organic waste through composting at home. We will continue to give out the kitchen organic waste bins to residents and encourage you to start composting at home and assist you to apply for the council’s $70 compost rebate when you purchase your own composting equipment for home use.

Kerbside Collection

Kerbside collection is back for the second year thanks to everyone that signed my petition to bring the kerbside collection back to the suburbs.  The following kerbside side collection dates have been set for 2023. Doolandella, Durack and Inala date will be September 11, and Ellen Grove, Forest Lake, and Richlands will be on September 4.  If you would like additional information about what you can and can’t put out, please visit the Brisbane city Council webpage at Brisbane.qld.gov.au and type in the search button, “kerbside collection acceptable items”.

If there’s anything I or my staff (Pam or Nayda) can do on these or any other council matters, please contact my office at Forestlake.ward@bcc.qld.gov.au or on 34071211. I look forward to seeing you when I’m out and about in our delightful community.

Corin Mackay