Forest Lake Rotary Club update

by Alan Greig

May I remind members and supporters that our annual Christmas luncheon will be held at Bostock House (1st floor) on 12 December. Please confirm your attendance with Bob Briton 0412 982 566. Thank you. Incidentally, it seems we may need new premises as our lease ends within three years.

A working bee will be held for Donations in Kind at our new DIK premises in Mary St Kingston on December 5th. Again let Bob know if you are available to assist.

Please diarise the District Conference will be held 5-7 March 2021 in Toowoomba.

The proposed amalgamation between D9630 and D9600 is scheduled for 1 July 2021. The working committee advises everything is proceeding according to plan.

End Hepatitis Now

It is not often we have the chance to eliminate a disease that kills millions of people around the globe. Rotary International can be proud of what it has achieved in relation to polio. And now it has the potential to do the same in relation to viral hepatitis. This is excellent news for me, albeit a few years too late, as I lost my wife to liver cancer arising from Hepatitis B four years ago. The program is named End Hepatitis Now.

Viral hepatitis (Hepatitis B and C) is a leading global health threat affecting hundreds of millions of people annually. Both infections slowly attack the liver and, if left untreated, cause liver scarring, cirrhosis, and liver cancer—one of the fastest growing causes of cancer death in Australia.

Hepatitis B is vaccine preventable. If we ensure newborns receive their full immunisation, and that adults in high risk populations are vaccinated, then we can prevent new people acquiring the disease.

For Hepatitis C, amazing new curative treatments have been developed over the past few years, with minimal side effects, and affordable on our PBS. People can be literally cured with one tablet a day for as little as eight to 12 weeks. We are asking people to join the End Hepatitis Now campaign. For more information please contact Hepatitis Australia or the Rotary Club of Melbourne who is managing this Rotary project.

If any reader would like to know more please call me, Alan Greig, at 0407 377 715.

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