Richlands-Forest Lake Scout Group update

by Rosella

Term 2 has certainly been a very different and challenging experience for us in Scouting. We are so proud that our youth members rose to this challenge and succeeded so beautifully.

While our State Branch has approved the return of face to face Scouting from June 12, Richlands-Forest Lake Scout Group have made the decision to wait until the beginning of Term 3 so that we can ensure things are done right and with the minimum of fuss.

Our COVID Safe Plan includes putting into place new practices to ensure the safety of our youth members, parents and Leaders. We are absolutely looking forward to seeing each other in person as we continue to work through the rapidly changing landscape of Scouting.

During June we have continued with our Zoom meetings and online challenges. Our Joey Scouts have been working toward their Joey Buddy Badges while participating in zoom meetings with the Joey Scouts from Singleton in NSW. During these meetings, the two groups have been working on their Bushcraft badges and Fire Safety.

We were also happy to join with the other sections in our Group to celebrate Thank a First Responder Day. The youth members discussed what is a first responder, why they deserve to be recognised and how we can express our gratitude. They chose various options including writing letters, making cards and baking cookies or cakes to deliver to local emergency service stations.

As we have a number of youth with special needs in our Group, one of our Cubs asked if we could learn about disabilities, particularly Autism. Our Leaders did a great job putting together some resources to run the program and raise awareness of Autism and what it means. Our Cub, Dakota, shared a story about her non-verbal friend with Autism and taught the other youth members some simple Auslan signs to help communicate with non-verbal or deaf community members.

Our Cubs and Joeys finished up the term with a pet night, where they shared the screens with their furry friends and discussed what they have done to help care for them.

Meanwhile, our older Scouts took advantage of the return face to face for a quick catch up in a local park for Orienteering and finished off with a celebratory dinner at the end of term.

We are excited to welcome Ashton to our Joey Scouts, and congratulate James and Thomas as they progress from Cub Scouts to Scouts. Kianah and Hayley have also made to transition from Scout section to Venturer Scouts and we know they will do great things in our community.

We were certainly kept busy during this time and decided this was also the perfect time to sort out our equipment. As we don’t have a den to call our own, storage was a bit of an issue with a lot of our equipment distributed among leader’s homes. We now have a storage shed so our equipment and records are beautifully organised and much easier to access. Thanks to Baloo, Bagheera and Flash for giving up your weekends to move all that gear, build shelving and get us sorted. We are now ready to head into Term 3 for a whole new adventure.

For anybody interested in seeing photos of some of our activities, or if you are considering joining Scouts, please visit our website or facebook page.

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