Richlands-Forest Lake Scout Group update

by Rosella

As always we have had a very big month at Richlands-Forest Lake Scout Group. Our Joey Scouts started the moth with a Melbourne Cup themed night of games and food for a bit of fun. The following week they joined the Cub Scouts on a more serious note to prepare for Remembrance Day and learn about why we commemorate this special day. As we start to wind down for the year, the Joeys decided to do some Christmas activities and make some cards to send to a Joey Scout Unit in Western Australia, and are anticipating cards in return. It’s important that even our youngest members learn that they are a part of a much larger, world wide association.

Meanwhile six of our Cub Scouts were awarded their Gold Boomerang after giving up extra time on weekends to complete the tests by end of term. They were also very excited to complete the requirements for the Cub section peak award – Grey Wolf. Now they can relax heading toward the end of the year, confident that they have done their best.

Our Scout section numbers have been boosted by a few new recruits, so we got back to basics with knotting, lashings and construction. We welcome new Patrol Leader Angela Hogan, and new Assistant Patrol Leaders Eathen Hart, Thomas Hogan and Phoenix Harrison and are sure they will do a great job leading their patrols. Six of our Scouts (mainly our Patrol Leadership team) went on camp to practice their construction skills before heading back to supervise their patrols in project construction. Our Scouts are happy that many of them have now completed Pioneer Construction Target and are nearly ready to move on to more challenges. This camp also served as a Leadership project for our Senior Patrol Leader, Hunter, who has now completed the requirements for his Australian Scout Medallion.

Angela, Thomas, Dakota, Tamika and Dakotah also attended the Forest Lake RSL Remembrance Day Service to represent our Group and pay our respects. It’s great to see young people showing this occasion the respect and solemnity it deserves and we are very proud of their conduct on the day.

Even with all of this, our most exciting news for the month was the donation of four CPR practice dummies by Club Training Australia. One of our amazing parents, Christiel, approached them with a view to purchasing dummies for our Group and instead CTA donated them to us. We are so overwhelmed by both Christiel’s initiative and CTA’s generosity and the Scouts are ecstatic that they no longer have to practice on the floor boards at the hall. Our heartfelt thanks to Christiel and Club Training Australia. 

With only a couple of weeks left for this year, this is the time we ask the youth to start thinking about what they hope to achieve and experience in 2021. With all that they have achieved in a year like 2020, we can hardly wait to see what they accomplish next.

For more information on how to join Scouts contact our Group Leader Rosella on 0402 308 182. For anybody interested in seeing photos of some of our activities, or if you are considering joining Scouts, please visit our website or facebook page.

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