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Citipointe Inala brings year-round joy and relief to residents 

The Lake News    January 28, 2024    3 min read   

Citipointe Church West, currently located on Rosemary Street in Inala, has been serving the local community in many ways since 2011, including bringing joy and relief to residents.

The Citipointe West Marketplace op-shop, located separately at 152 Freeman Road in Durack, is one of the church’s main programs. The shop is open Monday-Friday from 9am until 4pm, and on Saturday from 9am until 1pm. 

Citipointe West Marketplace is open to everyone in the community, and offers low cost food, amazing and cheap clothing in the op shop, and a great place to come and have a free cup of tea. 

They moved recently to the Durack location in early 2020 right before the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Since then they have continued to support and care for those living in the community.

The team at Citipointe West Marketplace.

Citipointe Church West communities pastor Kylie Sidwell said she was very proud of the marketplace’s role in supporting the wonderful community.

“Please come down to our Marketplace location at 152 Freeman Road, Durack and say hi,” Kylie said.

“We have everything from cleaning equipment, hygiene products, pasta and rice, canned goods, as well as ice cream and so much more. 

Simple bliss and Citipointe Church West helping to make Christmas extra special for a local family.

“We also accept donations big and small – if you need us to collect, just let us know.”

This year Citipointe West Church have given out over 680 hampers to local community members, blessing countless families and individuals with not only food, but also clothing and furniture. 

In addition to all the wonderful work Citipointe have achieved this year, they have also distributed about 20 tons of free fruit and vegetables and other food items to people in need. 

Citipointe Church West pastor Tim McDonald and his team are aware that Christmas and News Years can be a lonely time which can also put extra emotional and financial pressure on families.

All year round, and especially at Christmas and News years, they try to make sure locals know they are ready to help and listen over a cuppa.  

Thousands of community members attended the recent Citipointe West Christmas services, which included Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The New Years Eve service on December 31 was also attended by hundreds of people. 

To be informed about sales, hampers, giveaways and more, follow the Citipointe West Marketplace facebook page via facebook.com/WestMarketplace4077. 

To keep up to date with the church, follow Citipointe Church West via facebook.com/citipointewest.

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