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Community Hero Spotlight – Eric Trieu 

Nayda Hernandez    February 23, 2024    4 min read   

He is known in the Forest Lake community for his love of coffee, running, and generosity, helping community members with issues no matter how big or small. Eric moved to Forest Lake in 2008 with his family, and he immediately felt this was the perfect place to raise his children and connect with the community. Soon after moving he started meeting residents with similar goals and values. When he’s not working in the city or at Simple Bliss Café, you will find him in the community running and at the gym. He goes by the motto – “life is way too busy and we must make time to stay fit.” In this interview we learn about how Eric is helping the community through fitness and friendship.

Eric Trieu is a Forest Lake resident who runs a thousand kilometres an hour, but always stops to check on his friends and family and help the community.

What do you enjoy the most about being an active Forest Lake community member?

“As a Forest Lake resident, I feel it’s about giving back 100% where possible, helping out, being a good role model, even giving way while driving or letting someone else take that car park etc… it’s the little things.

My family came from Vietnam, and it’s amazing to see all the diversity we have here in Forest Lake and surrounds. Many are from various countries of origin… that’s what we all bring to the community. This is an area of many cultures, lots of great food cuisines, restaurants, community events and great publications like The Lake News. 

How are you contributing to local schools?  

“It was a huge honour for me to accept the role of St John’s Anglican College Foundation Board Chair this year. My kids have been at St John’s Anglican College for 11 years now, and I’ve always made an effort to attend as many events at the school as possible. When my parents first arrived in Australia they had to work 2- 3 jobs and up to 7 days a week… we rarely saw them. So, I have really made an effort to attend as many school events as I can. I’ve helped out at the school P&F, FOS (part of the P&F, Friends of the School). And when I was recommended to join the Foundation Board in 2019, I was truly honoured.

How did you get involved in Parkrun at Forest Lake? 

“I didn’t know many people when I first moved into the area. However, everything changed for me once Parkrun started in Forest Lake. I started to meet many locals who see the positives in getting up early and staying fit. I’m all about giving back. Naturally, I became one of the Run Directors. From there we have also built up a great group, called Forest Lake Runners (FLR). It’s all about getting fit, either walking or running, and we attend events and have a bit of fun.

Eric (third from the left) and the Forest Lake Parkrun team members.

How do you help support Mimi’s House?

“Through the parkrun, we would catch up for coffee often at Simple Bliss Coffee, and over the years we have met some amazing people. One of our runners was part of a charity called Mimi’s House. We heard about what they did for young children impacted by DV, broken homes and kids dropping out of school, and felt compelled to help. We held a charity High Tea event a few months ago and helped raise thousands towards the charity. Unfortunately there is still great poverty in our community, and it has been proven that receiving a good education is a way out of poverty. We are doing our best to give these kids the best start.”

Eric Trieu (left) and the Simple Bliss team.

Nayda Hernandez