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Eco-Friendly Funerals for your loved ones

Jamie Furness    July 13, 2023    2 min read   

Caring for the environment is a topic close to the heart of the Browns Plains based Swanborough Funerals – and that is why they offer unique ‘green funeral’ services.

Green coffins 

Wicker coffins made out of willow are the most environmentally friendly and cost effective coffin – a popular choice for those planning a green funeral.

These coffins are a completely natural and biodegradable product with the coffin lining being made of calico. The coffins are carbon neutral, meaning that when burnt in a cremation they only give off the same amount of carbon dioxide that they consumed during their growing time.

The materials used to make wicker coffins are grown sustainably without the use of fertilisers or pesticides, and the coffins are constructed without the use of toxic varnishes, glues, plastics or metals.

Swanborough Funerals also have eco-friendly cremation urns for green funerals and memorials.

Green funeral locations 

Brisbane and Gold Coast families now have green burial  (also known as “natural burial”) options available at Alberton Cemetery. 

At this location families can hold a Green/Natural Burial Graveside service. St Peter’s Lutheran Church and Hall are available for hire indoors, as well as the Chapel at Eco Memorial Park. 

Give Swanborough Funerals a call on 1800 468 540 if you need any guidance on what option would best suit your needs. 

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