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FLAKE Radio team make waves at Forest Lake SHS

Jamie Furness    August 12, 2022    2 min read   

A talented young team of future media industry professionals are running the show at Forest Lake State High School with the school’s very own FLAKE Radio lunchtime program.


The FLAKE Radio team is made up of eight dedicated students who spend three days a week planning and delivering a weekly live broadcast that can be heard across the whole school via a speaker sound system every Friday.


The program, launched on June 10, is supported by FLSHS design technologies head of department Glen Lindh, who is passionate about helping students break into the industry after spending many years working in radio production himself.


Mr Lindh said the FLAKE Radio team produced school-related commercials, sweepers (station identifiers) and promos in advance for their live productions.


“For everything we use we come up with a plan, and the students need to mix it live and actually deliver it live to a live audience,” he said.


“They’re all outstanding students, and all very, very capable.”

Mr Lindh said while many students would feel uncomfortable speaking live in front of their peers, the FLAKE Radio announcers do an amazing job delivering live content to inform and to celebrate the school community.


Announcers are responsible for interviewing students and special guests, broadcasting live entertainment, taking requests and more.


“The actual content that they deliver is basically ad-lib, so they’re just talking off the cuff. They’ve got a concept where they’re guiding each-other, and they do an incredible job,” Mr Lindh said.


FLAKE Radio is not currently broadcasting through conventional AM/FM frequencies, but they hope to in the future. 


“The objective is that we will work further with the radio industry, or people that are educated within the radio industry,” Mr Lindh said.

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Jamie Furness