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Forest Lake Indoor Bowls Club Update

The Lake News    July 26, 2023    1 min read   

By Bert Wigchert

The Forest Lake Indoor Bowls Club is one of the original local community groups which has been going for nearly 26 years.

This year, the local Forest Lake IGA supported the club with a donation of T-Shirts for the members.

Every Tuesday morning at 9:30 in the morning, the members arrive to roll out the mats and get ready for a game. The club has played its games since its inception at the Alpine Street Community Hall.

The club is very social orientated and we emphasise having fun while playing.

Most of the players are retirees, who are happy to get out of the house and meet some new friends.

After two games, we stop for tea or coffee and chat with our friends and play two more games after the break.

The club is always happy to welcome new members who would like to play. No experience needed.

Interested people are encouraged to contact Bert on 0404503286 if they need any further information.

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