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Hospitality students serve the local business community

Corin Mackay    September 5, 2023    3 min read   

By Corin Mackay

Guests were met with tables full of professionally-prepared food

Year 12 students studying hospitality at Forest Lake State High School hosted a business breakfast early this month as part of their final assessment for their Certificate II.

The breakfast was attended by local community members and partners in education, including Forest Lake State School, Pallara State State School and Serviceton South State School, The Lake News, Forest Lake Shopping Centre, African Youth Council, Inala PCYC, Qld Police Service, The Lion Richlands, Zarrafas, and Ngon Restaurant.

The Year 12 Certificate II class spent their lesson on Monday preparing, making mini muffins, counting plates and cutlery, preparing tablecloths, making Bircher muesli, preparing spreads, placing juices, milks, yoghurts into serving jugs and dishes, bread into baskets, and teabags into containers.

Everything was wrapped to keep it clean and fresh, ready for setup on Tuesday morning. 

On Tuesday, students arrived at school at 6.30am to set the tables, prepare the service area and cook the pancakes, eggs, bacon and chipolatas.

Forest Lake State High School head of design and technologies Helen Parkinson said students worked hard as a team to get things done in the time frame. 

“I’m very impressed with the team work displayed by the Year 12s and their demonstration of dedication, getting to school at 6.30am,” Helen said.

“After the breakfast, they worked efficiently and effectively to complete all of the pack down, reset and clean up to ensure they were able to get to their Period 2 class on time.”

Helen said students can use their Certificate II to increase their employability in the industry.

“Because students gain their RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and RSG (Provide responsible gambling service), plus complete a coffee making unit, these competencies make students highly employable in establishment such as cafes, restaurants, clubs such as The Lion, Richlands or Blue Fin Fishing Club Inala,” Helen said.

Each class caters to the maximum of 25 students that participate in the Certificate II, many of whom have little to no experience in food preparation, presentation, or service.

Students took a break after a hard morning of preparation

Students study the Certificate II in three lessons a week over two years, to complete a total of 12 competency units, part of the requirement being to complete 12 hospitality shifts, one of which was the breakfast.

“Some of the most challenging elements for students often are around customer

interaction and what to say when,” Helen said.

“Gaining confidence in their ability to provide quality service is one of the areas that can take a little time. Attention to detail and making sure that every plate looks the same also takes a bit of practice.”

Helen said the breakfast was one of the hospitality shifts required as part of the practical element of the certificate. 

“Across Year 11 and 12, students participate in hosting staff morning teas, making salads for staff lunch, a café for the school leadership team (Principal, Deputy Principals and Heads of Department); the Breakfast; and the Year 11s provide morning tea for the whole Year 12 cohort the day before the Year 12 graduation,” Helen said.

Corin Mackay