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The Lake News    January 9, 2024    2 min read   

I hope everyone had a relaxing break, welcome to 2024. I would like to highlight all local families with kids returning to school for the start of what will be a busy year. 

In particular, I want to thank the local P&C’s who support the schools in our area. Their advocacy and fundraising efforts are a great contributor to the success of all our local schools. The wonderful people who make up the P&C’s, work tirelessly to ensure that school kids are supported in their education with a range of activities. 

I am a strong supporter of all of the P&C’s. At the end of last year, I caught up with the P&C committee from the Grand Avenue State School as they hosted their end of year disco. I was delighted to be able to inform them of their successful volunteer grant application for $2,000 for first aid training and new equipment. 

If your P&C needs support or would like to apply for grants in 2024 please contact my office. We are here to support you and all families as you head back to school this year. 

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