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The Lake News    January 11, 2024    1 min read   

As we start the new year there are a number of school leavers and workers who may beconsidering a trade or other training as the next step on their employment journey.

I’m pleased to see that the Albanese Government is rebuilding and modernising our skills sector and helping those in our community to access well paid and secure jobs.

A new five-year National Skills Agreement has been reached to ensure more access to vocational education and training. This is being backed up with a $3.7 billion investment.

I welcome an expansion to the fee-free TAFE places. The government has announced $400 million to build on the work already done in 2023.

We know that 37,000 places were created in Queensland already under this program.

I know that undertaking training leads to better outcomes and better take home pay for those in our local area.

There are currently over 2,000 apprentices right here in Oxley. It’s nice to be assured that these locals and others who want to participate in training and vocational education are being supported.

The Lake News

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