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Model railway project brings joy and friendship to Aveo residents

Jamie Furness    February 6, 2023    2 min read   

By Jamie Furness

The residents at Aveo Durack have been busy creating a model railway, with an impressive layout featuring multiple train stations, three electric railways, meadows, bridges, animals and much more. 

The track system, which spans a total of about 10 square metres, was assembled using commercially available kits along with other materials such as timber, gravel, sand, foam, plastic, metal and cardboard.

Aveo resident Ray, who is one of the “railway guards,” said the project has been very popular among residents since it started last year.

“We’ve got 20-30 people who are regular members now,” he said.

Left to right: Ken, Ray, Gordon, John and Patrick.

The project has become a central station for residents at Aveo to come together as a community, grow friendships, and accomplish goals and work as a team.

“Gordon Plant is the engine driver – he’s the genius behind setting it all up,” Ray said.

“We’ve got a couple of guys who can’t walk too well, so they’ve become our engineers who rewire the engines and do all sorts of stuff like that.”

Ray said it was important for seniors like himself to have a project like this to work towards.

“Heritage Bank and Milton Dick made a contribution, and Aveo has made a very large contribution, plus giving us the building to operate from, air conditioning it and setting it up” he said.

“We then went out and raised money to put all the gear inside.”

Gordon Plant said residents had kindly donated a range of their own rolling stock, building kits, and track accessories to enhance the display. 

“It was inspiring and satisfying to note the level of interest amongst the Durack residents in being part of this new and exciting project,” he said.

The track was about 50% complete by January, with up to three trains running at the same time. 

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Jamie Furness