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New park opens at Castamore Way

Shontae Iafeta    December 23, 2023    3 min read   

A new park has been built at Castamore Way, Richlands in between Progress Rd and Government Rd for family-friendly accessibility and community fun.

Forest Lake Councillor Charles Strunk has celebrated a new first in his role as Councillor – being involved in the construction of a new park, from concept to completion.

Castamore Way Park under the Sunset. Photo: Cr Charles Strunk

“This is the first new park that we’ve actually established from scratch, we’ve upgraded a lot of others – you’ve got to keep the kids occupied,” Cr Strunk said.

“We took a few months last summer to re-turf the whole thing, which was done by hand – we had to remediate the actual land itself and do some grading work and try to level it out to make it more user-friendly, as far as kicking a ball and other activities.”

Many residents across the Forest Lake ward attended the official opening of the Castamore Way park on July 31 to test out its play equipment, seating under the gazebo, and kick-about on the grass field.

“What you see there now is what people during the community consultation wanted to come up with – that’s the type of equipment that they wanted to see,” he said.

Forest Lake Councillor Charles Strunk with local residents on the opening of Castamore Way park. Photo: Cr Charles Strunk

The park itself has high elevation that overlooks the city with multiple footpaths to connect nearby units and properties.

“We’re trying to make it family-friendly and walking distance for all those units that are being built or have been built in between Progress Rd and Government Rd,” Cr Strunk said.

“Some of the developers put footpaths behind their developments that actually lead into the park – a number of those units do have accessibility from the rear of their properties.”

Locals even notified Cr Charles Strunk of the placement of the park being a great view for the annual firework display of Riverfire.

“That park has the grandest view of Brisbane City out of any parks in my ward – one of the highest elevations and it’s a really great place to view Riverfire,” he said.

“People around the area knew that it was – they were the ones that pointed out for me that ‘Oh, Riverfire is really good from here’.”

Cr Charles Strunk with some local residents at Castamore Way Park. Photo: Cr Charles Strunk

Cr Charles Strunk talked about the process of Stage Two, including the expansion of Castamore Way park and the extension of internalised parking.

“There’s very little parking as we didn’t want to upset the residents within Castamore Circuit – in long term, I would like to see parking internal because it’s big enough,” he said.

“[The park] was something that was needed – I think it will be a destination once the word gets around,” Cr Strunk said.  

Shontae Iafeta