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Young chess stars on board for success

Jamie Furness    December 24, 2023    2 min read   

Grand Avenue Chess Team 1 students – Jethro, Vonal, Winston and Blake – placed second at the Brisbane West Interschool Chess Tournament held in September 2023.

Their star player Jethro won seven out of seven games, scoring him the 1st place award in the Chair 1 Premier Division.

Premier Division Chair 1 champion Jethro Chen.

Grand Avenue teacher and chess coordinator Danielle Szczepina said she was very proud of the students’ results.

“We are very proud of the Grand Avenue chess team 1 for placing second in the Premier Division at their recent Brisbane West Interschool Chess Tournament,” she said.

“Jethro Chen won seven out of seven games earning him first place for Chair 1 in the Premier Division – an absolutely commendable achievement and the result of his tenacity for improving in chess.”

Their results at the Brisbane West Chess Tournament secured them an invitation to compete at the Interschools Chess State Finals event held at St John’s Anglican College on October 7 and 8.

There they competed against the top chess teams selected from state and private schools across Queensland, where they landed in 20th place against 38 primary school teams.

“Jethro, Vonal, Blake and Winston demonstrated exceptional skill and sportsmanship through six intense hour-long games over the two-day tournament,” Danielle said.

“Despite formidable competition, we clinched a commendable 20th place out of 38 teams in the primary school division.”

Jethro’s outstanding performance secured him the ninth spot among 38 players on Chair 1.

“For Vonal and Jethro, this was their last state finals after representing our school for four consecutive years since 2020,” Danielle said.

“Winston and Blake, after having only started competitive chess in the last two years, displayed remarkable growth, and showed early signs that a fifth state finals might be on the cards for GASS in 2024.”

Left to right: Vonal, Jethro, Winston and Blake.
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