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Persistence, balance, and community engagement

Guy Hazlewood    April 28, 2024    1 min read   

Trang Yen, Acting Chief Financial Officer at Trade and Investment Queensland, embodies resilience and determination in her remarkable journey.

After arriving in Australia with her grandmother and sister at the age of nine, she started her career ten years later in Inala’s housing commission and dedicated herself to serving the Vietnamese community while pursuing education part-time for 15 years.

“I started off doing TAFE and then followed by undergrad QUT and then continued on to finish my MBA, which took about 15 years,” she said.

Despite juggling full-time work, senior roles, motherhood to four children, and managing multiple businesses including a bakery and Vietnamese noodle bars, Trang emphasises the importance of balance and hard work to other inspired women.

“Success, for me, is a balance,” she said.

Trang ventured into politics in 2024, running for the seat in Inala, as the first Vietnamese woman from the area to do so.

“I wanted to thank the Inala community for supporting me during my election campaign and I hope to see you all in the community in the future,” she said.

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Guy Hazlewood